Workflow by GrowthHackers

Scale your content marketing operations

Forget email threads, spreadsheets, and lack of data. Centralize your content marketing operation: plan, manage, collaborate, publish. All in one place.


Brand Strategy

Link the content you create to personas, customize steps on your funnel and your target your desired keywords.

Customizable Workflows

Customize a workflow of production and approval according to your needs. Never miss a deadline again.

Editorial Calendar

Plan and schedule your publications across your blog and social media accounts.

Build a Collaborative Content Operation

Invite your team of content creators to collaborate in a tool that centralizes the entire process, from strategy, ideation, up to the publication of content across your blog, social, and website.  Your content team will get a space to centralize all communications and information about the content being produced from start to finish, so you can reach the right audience with the right content every time, and at scale.


Adaptable to Your Content Creation Process

With Workflow, you have the flexibility to customize your production steps, assign roles to your team of contributors with specific permissions, and replicate that structure effortlessly.


Create Optimized Content from the Start

Our SEO checklist is built into our content edition tool. Get tips as you write, check existing content for potential improvements and track your page's Google ranking for targeted keywords.


Centralize Distribution Efforts

Integrate with your social media channels, blog, and website to publish and distribute your content using an intuitive content calendar. Level the information within your team so your efforts are coordinated and everyone knows what is being published, when, where, and who is responsible for that task. Never miss a deadline again with our notifications system, customizable for your needs.

Everything you need in one place

Collaborate with your team to build an ongoing process of optimized content production.

Centralize Branding and Strategy 
Customize Roles and Permissions
Approve Content Ideas for Your Editorial Line
Set Production Steps, Deadlines and Assign Tasks
Communicate With Comments and Tags
Schedule Posts with a Content Calendar
Post Automatically with our Integrations
Track And Optimize Content for Search Engines
Create Reports

In our customer's own words...

Who's it for?

GrowthHackers has a suite of solutions for teams in different verticals who have the goal of growing the businesses with content marketing.

Content Teams

Producing various formats of content and going through multiple steps of approval and reiterations

Social Media Teams

Distribution on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and other social medias

SEO Teams

Responsible for keeping track of organic results, keyword performance, SERPs improvements, analytics data


Managing content production and distribution for multiple customers at once


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